Sunday, 1 March 2009

On friday afternoon after a hard morning of slaving on the seventh floor we headed down to Cambridge to check out Anglia Ruskin uni. Although i have driven past it heeps ive never actually been to cambridge, and it was actually pretty rad. there is hella loads of old shit like this

and cool high school musical related stuff like this
and heaps of pubs with rad names like this
heeps of nostalgia, in the way of empty skateshops, like this
and trip out mechanical badboy clocks opened by steven hawkins. like this
then we went to a variety of of pubs photographed above, we didnt really drink cos were way to cosmopolitan for that shit. Instead we debated topics of the moment like global warming and black presidancy over a frappo latte and a ciabbatta fig roll.

on saturday me and phil went skating with the bromies at 'russia' the new ultimatly good skatespot in ipswich (previously blogged with the worst photo in the world)
there is about 400 metre square of the smoothest ground you are likely to ever ride on, even if it is covered with stones, but shhhhh.
gorm etc had made some pretty rad pole rams there and i hear reports of some pretty crazy runs happening. we just played on it for a bit.

a few tricks were done over the rubble gap. Phil merked up his lovely new shirt with some dirt and i just hurt my big toes. we also waxed that ridiculous ledge and cleared the run up and landing. only to find it was still impossible to skate.

keep your peepers peeping for an artistic update VERY soon!

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