Thursday, 19 February 2009

never thort i'd be on a boat...

Cheeky few days in london...
me and phil left hella early on monday morning to try and make the most of our few days in our capital, altho basi had other plans. and upon arrival at the flat we rinsed youtube for a bit and he introduced us to this piece of pure unadulterated genius!...

after youtube got hit up we went for a shredsled section at whitesground... it was so slippery tho so we soon made tracks...
to this badboy spot of which i always forget the name! anyway, a few tricks got done but nothing too mind blowing!! After getting constant evils from the office next the bench we decided to get lunch... cost cutter got standardly merked up!

phil destroys wood with his trucks in the form of crooked grinds
Basi got a phonecall from his boss saying he had to work, so me and phil were left on our own devices to navagate ourselves to the tate for some art fagging...
on the way we saw this rad sculpture, we couldnt see who it was by but im pretty sure it was carved from one epic piece of wood!
a short trip to the tate turned into a badboy couple of hour session, then we got thrown out cos it was closing time... seen as there fascists in there and u cant take photos i couldnt blog the shit i liked, so instead i got this shit photo as we were leaving. Dirsty lense ahoy!
Then we headed to centrel shop bullshit areas, and checked out american apparel, urban outfitters, slam city skates etc and sat in a doorway of a shop for a few hours tucking into our cheap ass ghetto tesco metro dinner!
About 9 oclock we started to head back to Waterloo, and we saw this badboy! a fully 'pimped' out stretch hummer complete with 'notorious' propaganda and crazy loud biggy music.
attracted by the shiny wheels and quest to see someone famous we went over to have a closer look... and to our dissapointment there was just a couple of ghetto-ass black kids who were dancing around claiming the car belonged to them. i was well jealous.
lucky cunts.
so when we finally got back to the flat we were tired as fuck! however we realised the light in the hallway never turned off. so we standardly solved that problem the only way we know how. cover it in a binbag and hope it goes away, turned out it gave us some hella romantic mood lighting!
this was mine and phils bed for the next few days... cosey!
phil looked down in disgust when he realised how close proximity he would have to be to my snoring... sorry phil.
London phil was stoked when i gave him half a manwhich for letting us stay in his hallway.
Me and phil thort we would beat morning hunger cravings by heading to the 24 hour shop down the road to get some snackidge... however it was ghetto as a motherbitch and the guy (who i might add u can barely see in this photo) flipped at me because apparantly hes ultimatly paranoid about people taking his photo. But he was clearly just trippin his balls of on crack.
The next day basi had some crazy meeting with the manager of his halls because of his wild partying and Phil was busy seducing/ entertaining his girlfriend so me and other phil went on a trek to see as many galleries as possible in a day
we went brick lane and saw the best show i literally think i have ever seen at the 'concrete hermit' gallery. It was called lump hammer and it was probably the biggest infleunce for my art i have ever witnessed. Andrew James Johns is a god.
O YEAH and we ate some delicous food at this crazy eatery opposite rough trade, altho it was a bit dear for my liking!
we then went old street and began a look for the whitecross gallery, to swat up about the soon-to-be visiting artist at college Jock Mooney and witness some other pretty contemporary stuff. We got a bit confused with the map and stumbled across this rad graffiti wall of doom which had a disney theme! shweeeeeet
we also saw this which im around 80% sure was born from the hands of banksy... not that anyone cares because you have probably seen this photo 1000000000000 times before!
we finally figured the map out and headed the right way, old street is full of these incredible marble circles which look amazing to skate!
The gallery was well good, and it will be far more beneficial for me and phil to listen to Mooney talk about his work now we have witnessed it in the flesh more than once... and o yeah, there are some well sketchy missing posters around whitecross street, all with the faces ripped out, well sinister stuff!
we also went to a fucking awesome second hand shop, we went with the intention of buying something hilarious to decorated our room on the 7th floor, but failed... but i thort toby might appreciate this scantilly clad toy child...
see what i mean about these wierd missing posters?
me and phil then headed back to centrel and got uber touristy at trafalgar square. we sat and drew there for about half an hour, but then it started to rain so we went and hid in the national portrait gallery.
wet wet wet.
this guy was a dick. firstly for drawing a picture of a man with his head up his own bottom. and secondly he expected people to give him money for looking at it purely so he could buy a new bmx. seriously, he wasnt even doing anything. just standing there. get a fucking job.
this guy pissed me off to a similar degree. i mean much respect to him, must have been about 50 and he was rocking a leartard and a top hat on a 10 foot high unicycle. but he preached to us for about half an hour, begging us to give him money for entertaining us before he even did his act, which might i add was not in the least death defying or even funny. I would have probably given him a quid or something if it wasnt for his blatant greed. These people are just in it for the money!
The national portrait gallery was good, but nothing i hadnt seen 2 weeks ago, so a bit mundane, altho i do like the hockney postcards they have... good times!
we then made our way once again to covent garden. all the places around here are theatres. every other building i swear! this was one of the more interesting sounding ones. agatha christie kills it!
we hit up the usual shops again, but we also found the graphics centre! i could have actually spent around a grand in there i recon. a trip there before i start uni will be a neccesity!
Maccers got hit up. Its wierd, in london it seems theres a mcdonalds on every street, howeverm when you genuinly are starving and want one, theres not one for miles! typical.
we then headed back to waterloo to catch some ZZZZ''s. The tube was quite as!! proper zombie film moment. Scary shit
before bedtime we watched more shit on youtube. saw the best picture ive ever seen of toby and watched 'concrete poets' which was widely disapointing. especially with all the hype around sean curry etc

Baker woke us up from our peaceful slumber at about half ten saying his honkey ass was outside the flat and he wanted to get going. We distracted him with youtube for a while, then we made tracks...we hit two birds with one stone in the end, me and phil wanted to drool over the vans shop, and baker wanted to drool over the photographers gallery. Turns out the photographers gallery was in between shows, so it wasnt too great, but phil and baker both merked the giftshop.
we toked bakers subway tokens and feasted on footlongs!
The thames looks like fucking dirt. Tourists must be so dissapointed when they arrive of a ten hour flight from japan to this... lets face it, its no river nile or niagra falls.

we couldnt think of anywere to skate ... so we went to the tate britain. I hadnt been in about a year, and i remembered it being merely okay... but i was pleasantly suprised! it seems to have changed its exhibitions alot more than the tate, and has a better selection of 'modern' stuff. good times!
we then shredsledded towards the london eye to get to our next stop... southbank
phil had never been before, so we had to introduce him to the heart of british skateboarding. The were some pretty good people there, some well young guy in legins' that just got onto herion and joe crack was there being chavesque' in his football shirt.
whitegrounds was the next stop. it was still pretty wet and slippery and phil put his hands in a puddle. gutted.
our legs were tired and frankly we couldnt be fucked anymore. 3 days really takes it out of you when your standing up the whole time!!
we washed our hands on these magical water covered blocks near london bridge. i think it had heaps of chlorine in the water to stop it going green and rank, so our hands smelt well nice afterwoulds!!!
we said bye to baker at waterloo station and headed to the flat to pack up our shit. We once again got distracted by the wonderous invention that is youtube, and didnt end up leaving london until half 9, were we once again got a mcdonalds before leaving!
byeeee mclaren house!
i eventually got home at half 11.
fingers crossed i will upload some work inspired by this trip pretty soooon, keeps your peepers peeled!

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