Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Phils birthday!

soooo, today was eventful to say the least! all started well, until toby the mother licking chode ran out of the petrol on the A14 and me and simon... who i must say were extremely early until this episode... had to go and bail them out. Needless to say we got to college an hour and a half late, missed our 'best' lecture of the year. thanks tobz.
At luncheon we thort it would be a great idea to buy Phil lots of useless and / or ridiculous things he wont like for his birthday. Fake moustaches, pink and whites and neon leg warmers.
now thats a delicious combination!

guy was hella studly with a ginge mousttttache

seeing as toby purchased the tash's he had dibs on the ultimate french wieght trainer badman.
phil was taking retro to its logical conclusion, mixing past and present with his 'new rave tudor socks'

simon got well 'diablo' with his moustache- soul patch remixFun over. we peeled that shit off because we looked like douchebags.

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