Monday, 2 February 2009

london 24th/25th January 2009

so its a new year... and myself, ben, mike matt and baker decided to go and ruin Phil and Basi's life by 'visting' them at university...
skateboarding pictures are mundane, and anyway Matt clarke and phil totally had that blog situation on lock... i blog only the best shit. like this lift party for example!
This was merely the start of what turned out to be a somewhat surreal night. we met this chick below... who i cant remember her name, but anyway, me and mike went to sleep at her flat because basi was too fucked to let us in to him room. For some reason she thought it would be a good idea to smother herself, and her entire kitchen in milk, egg, ham, mayonaise, shampoo, washing up liquid and about 8 litres of cooking oil. needless to say the pictures are hilarious.

she then proceeded to crumble and entire pack of riveta onto her head in the hope it would 'dry her out'
some other randomer cut there foot on an egg shell and is probably now in intesive care.

people got hella slidey on the floor. But me and mike refrained in fear of dirty clothes and/or death
sliced tomato and pitta bread hats are fucking sicccccck!

me and mike eventually left that chicks yard at 6 am. armed with blankets and sweatshirts we planned on sleeping outside the exit of the elavator, but luckily we were resqued and let into the flat, only to find our humble host basi passed the fuck out.
standardly we took advantage of this situation... robbed him of his keys, let ourselves into his room and slept in his bed (Well, i got the bed, mike tugged the floor)
after about 3 hours sleep, the following day was wet as fuck, so we went on a girly shopping/ art fag trip around london and spent over 5 pound on an extortionatly disgusting full english.

on the way to the vans shop we passed through china town, and baker got well political...
ly incorrect.

then i had a 3 hour journey back home because all the trains out of liverpool street were cancelled! pissed!

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