Wednesday, 4 February 2009


Another day, another uni visit!
we got up crazy early to catch the train and simon got all cosmopolitan on us and read the whole way!
Hannah just posed.
turns out the tube ride was only around half an hour out of town, so things were looking up, especially when there was around 5 inches of snow to play with!! Totally pissed all over the centimeter we had. Ive seen dandruff deeper than that shit!
turns out we were around and hour early, so as well as throwing snowballs at defenseless girls in inappropriate footwear we check out the little gallery thing they had there. it was horrifically bad. However they did have an ultimate comment wall, adorned with witty comments such as this... 'LOL'
Probably the best thing about the 'MODA' was these rad cutouts on the stairwell that werent even part of the collection.
Middlesex uni, although the 'welcome talk' was worse than a kick in the teeth actually looked incredibly good, and has totally put a spanner in the works for were i want to go. SHIIIIIIT.
After being all intellectual we decided to stuff ourselves with pizza and stair gormlessly into flashing propaganda at Piccadilly circus... toby did a tribute to waynes world with some rock horns. ''what a shitty circus... good call, there was no clowns or elephants!''
Apologies for the bad quality of the photos, they were born through a mobile phone at high speed as to avoid looking like a gauping fuckwick camera wielding tourist.

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Simon Cheadle said...

i thin ull find that was my rock horn in the photo of toby..but ill let u off this time