Sunday, 8 February 2009

i know... lets all pretend to be pro's

so... today i woke up at about .. half 12? with 4 missed calls from mills informing me that not only was he at the park... but robo and ben brown were!

despite my lack of illustration this week i couldnt resist the session, and after meeting up with everyone we decided to road trip down to eye skatepark :|
it was muddy and wet. there was even snow on it in places. pissed.

after my first run i fell of the side of the mini ramp and ruined my creps. stoked
things went from muddy to worse. and i got a sweet bum scrape... this photo is one for the ladeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez.
we skated the spine... ben was doing heaps of awesome melons to flat, but this photo doesnt represent his awesomeness at all.
chandos felt my pain and also suffered at the hands of the disgusting mud. He was also dressed in his usuall bright yet co0ordinared attire.
we shortly left that shithole and found paul, dave etc skating this little beut. it doesnt look like much, but around 400metre square super smooth wasteland that isnt a bust is hard to come by.
WATCH this space.
shit got darrrrrrk son! so we drove back to robos flat were we watched 'beauty and the beast' which even though i have seen it many times b4 never ceases to both shock me with its ultimateness and inspire me to skate faster than ... well a realllly fast thing.
SO we then rocked out of the flat, pumped up on apple lucozade and antihero vibes wearing name badges of the skaters we look most like from the video... (what a surpise that it was robos idea.)
Mini ramp got standardly got merkkkked with front slashers!
my badge says Alex Olsen. he has hiiiigh ollies and a pretty similar haircut to mine, to be fair probably one of the better matches out of everyone.
For non skateboarder fags... this is Alex olsen
due to his ruthless style and relentless speeeed chandos could only be cardiel.
even if you dont skate look this dude up. JOHN CARDIEL he is probably my biggest muse in life. the dude is a hero beyond any reasonable doubt. ALL HAIL CARDIEL
under strict orders robo was Tony 'TNT' Trujillo. its because there both fat.
heres tony.
Probably the most uncanny of all our matches was form and Frank Grewer... fucking hilarious
check the nose steeez!
Ben brown was a less bearded version of all round destroyer Rick Mcrank
Yes. we are retards. shutup.
after the skatepark someone thought it would be a good idea to skate street. it wasnt. we went to the Biggest stair set in ipswich, and 'stair bashed it' shit got crazy and i hurt myself again.
people were killing it! lets just say runs down the double set and wolsey 11 were had. blatant NBD's to. lets just say expect a stairbash edit for chandos' part in gorms soon to be video of raddnesssssssssss.
jah bless sundays.

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