Tuesday, 24 March 2009

i did some stuff...

i went to lesta the other day, unfortunatly, despite the fact it was incredibly eventful - fleckni skatepark, broken car, drinks at polar bear, lost bus tickets, shopping for chukka boots, chilling in ledge, boardroom, paying for my broken car, FOR UNTOLD REASONS gig, aarons house, mosh... and a very hungover drive home!
the intelect of people at suffolk college never ceases to amaze me...
speaking of fish... heres haddock rocking his ghetto diver outfit!

last week i visited Brenden in Sunny Farnham to force him into photographing my disgusting masks ... the view on the dartford crossing is fucking sick! although i definatly do not condone driving and photography at the same time.

we went to some awesome derelect looking places to photogoof my 'work'. unfortunatly, this is just about the coolest thing in all of farnham.

baker got hella bromantic and cooked me a delicious meal!
we then manned up and went to bourne wood, a stereotypical blair witch esque horror teen slasher badaman rape death forest in the middle of the night armed with nothing but an extremely tempremental but powerful flash, some reflectors and some latex masks. good times!
that is until my car ran out of battery because we left the lights on so we werent to scared. bad bad times!!

george at work kills womenswear like no other!
guy from college kills chairs with his builders bum like no other
gorm looks hella loads like this pole!
toby has probably the best game ever on his mobile! absolute genius! on another note, check out his blatant disgusting nails!
we went to london so simon could draw at the science museum, i went shopping... but we had to stand up on the train like fucking biznitches. i wasnt ammused!
phil was even less amused than me. he was not a happy bunny!
we had to show our work from the image and txt project, i hadnt really done a series of work specifically for it, so i put up these drawings based around the words disjointed twin death.
the rest of 717's work...
keep your eyes peeping for 717 collective work and blog VERY soon!
Also, this blog is now changing to a purely skate/lifestyle/stuff people dont care about/travel documentation thingyyyyy. so if your interested thats hella cool. if not you should check out my 'professional' blog about my art work.

thanks for your attention people! and congratulations for being one of the 10% of internet users that isnt looking at porn

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