Friday, 13 February 2009

Room 717x says MEAT IS AWESOME

On wednesday i went around creating some three dimensional outcomes for my illustration work
based around the drawings i did previously with latex. Regardless of the fact that the stuff smells like cat piss i planned on making a mask out of it!
Shit got grotesque!
it was so wet, it would take days to dry so i completely disregarded health and safety and destroyed it with hairdryers.
Later that day i went out with Toby to model his giant fish head.
In return he modeled my hella long trousers... and let me dress him up like a panda.
check out tobies Blatant Manul-toe!
Toby was having trouble getting in the tree, so i got to drive his car so he could stand on it and use it as a step ladder! fucccckk yeaaaah
This pretty much shows how incredibly long these trousers are! stoked on the outcomes!
So. With wednesday over thursday was inevitably next. And we finnally got our own working spaces on the 7th floor!!!! fucking stoked!

first things first. get shit organised... a notice board is a must!
My workspace looks a bit remoniscent of leatherfaces people hacking workshop... the crucifix was previously upside down. but it gave me ultimatly bad karma, so i swapped it back. peace god! hope we still cool!
Phil got shotgun on the first place... so we ruined it with the 'meat is awesome' poster me and toby made. expect amazing work to come from this corner!
simon was stoked on his mass storage device!
toby didnt do any work the whole day. he just pretended to finger this america apperal babe.
I also remebered that drippy mask off doom i made existed, so after freeing it from the manakin head i used to moulde it i stuck it on and scared the shit out of bare mandem.

follow or die.

Finally, today...
i actually did some artwork.
check this ouuut

''jesus was a terrorist''
''they call me gapeman''


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Laurie Dodd said...

matt the ones of toby in a tree and fucking awesme!