Wednesday, 2 July 2008


in the day time i went skating in ipswich to kill some time. the park was boring by myself so i made my way down to staunch... were i happened to see robo 'working'... and we found a dictafone with crazy stuff rupert had recorded onto it...

then i went to my a -level art exhibition, the examiner apparantly loved my work, so im pretty stoked! this was my photography exam piece about why people skate.
i also did alot of my courseowrk on lomography, and this is my badaman lomowall i made!

onto the arttttier shit... this is my art exam piece, its well different to what i normally do, so im pretty stoked it turned out good... i want to make a few copies of the board on the left... maybe sell em? let me know if u think its worth my while!
a badaman etching i did...

a lino print i did...
and the art teachers! im stoked on those giant eyes in the background!
my nan wasnt impressed by my art fagness
rosanna was loving the free crisps and wine!
i hate pictures of me, but i had to proove i was actually there!
then we got into the toby mobile... and went to the college exhibition!
i swear, the college has had scaffolding on it for like,10 years, they havent even built anything
this was a wierd thing made of cassette players, and it made white noise. scary stuff.
'curly bekki's weavings, look good! i hate textiles tho
this person was clearly deeply disturbed, and hung teddy bears she made.
john harris' work kinda reminded me of a quentin blake piece, if he took crack.
nice shiny things.
then we got rad at the pub! although i had a coke.

rodwell was there for the football, since he left mcdonalds he has grown a beard.

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toby said...

hey matt i would get and tee shirt, with same design as the first board it would look pretty sweet! if that gu like cover the T shirt.