Wednesday, 2 July 2008


i was the first at the train station for charlton and nibz' combined 19th birthday bash! so i got this cheesy 'boys are back in town' shot of ben ryan being hella gay.
once again, ben ryan being gay.
All the guys have suddenly got into football. MOST un triumphant.
unluckily the football was on in 'ollies' so everyone got well into it, apart from me...
marcus was almost in tears over a 'nobody v.s nobody' game.
then zack from mcdonalds appeared and lightened my day with his tounge metal and hand metal symbols.
on the walk to edwoods? i dont even know what its called, but its good, we met this uber geeks... one of which was call 'ed the geek' and everyone hated on him. And his friend was wearing a gay 'pullin shirt' and thought it was funny to ridicule himself for being stupidly overweight.
then nibs arrived! and we hated football together!
cheezy birthday badamans!
we saw pebble, and he was already balls deep in marcus!
then we made our way down to fire, and saw the bad girl rossana (cough 17- cough 17) who was so crunked out her face looked like this all night.
i saw robo working, and he was so happy a girl gave him a badge that said 'daddy cool'
this guy followed us around
the place was packed so tight! i waited like 20 mins for a drink
then people moshed loads to enter shitkari and system of a cunt. Kerry anne was not impressed, but she forced a smile for james... who was squeezing her fresh back ink...
i ate a burger that will no doubt give me liver cancer or something...

then we got a cab back to the mean streets of felixstowe, and the cabdriver was hating on my camera flashes. i think its cos the burger i ate wasnt hallal.
i got dropped of miles away from my house... and i needed a shit so bad! so i ran the majority of the way.
but managed to blog my house before 'mr brown' revealed himself...

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